Morgan Thomson, Staff Writer

The boys’ varsity basketball team is super excited for the showdown at state that begins on Tuesday, March 3, here at Poway High. State consists of more than one game that the team will have to play, the first one being Birmingham High School. Poway has not won state since the 90s, so it would be a big feat for them to take the win.

“We want to finish this season on a positive note. To make it to state is a great honor, to win a game would be an even more tremendous achievement. We are ready to take on this new challenge,” Coach Scott Fisher said.

They are going into state with an open mindset. They have won 24 out of 29 games that they have played during this season. Fisher and the team do not know what the outcome of the game will be, but they are just excited to be able to have the opportunity to play.

“The loss against Torrey Pines was very eye-opening for our team. It showed us that we are not invincible, even though we have had a super good season. Even with the loss we still have a growth mindset going into every day at practice,” junior Zack Allums said. 

The loss in the game versus Torrey Pines was a hard pill for the team to swallow. It really put into perspective the effort that the team will have to put in to achieve their ultimate goal this season. It is only pushing them to work harder each and every day. 

“We do not know who we play in state yet, but we find out on Sunday and have the game on Tuesday. I feel very confident that we can win a few games in state because we have practiced a lot, but also had time to recover, so we are well rested and ready to play again,” junior Garrett Pyle said.

If the varsity team is able to pull off the win the first game their next playoff game will be on Thursday. It will be an exciting game to watch and hopefully they can come out with the win.