Rocco Saldamando, Staff Writer

The pool deck is not complete without Trina Brown and the snack shack. The pool snack shack lures in students right after the bell rings. The money helps to fund the aquatic teams with new equipment. 

The teriyaki rice bowl is a must have when you get there. “The teriyaki rice bowl was good, very sweet and tender, and went well with the rice,” freshman Riley Angelo said.

You have to try the nachos; they are a perfect combination of chips and creamy melted cheese. The quesadilla is at a really affordable price and is a good quick filler. They have loads of snacks to try from chips to candies to brownies, all at cheap affordable prices.

The face of the snack shack is Trina Brown. She has been volunteering there for 11 years and helps water polo, swim, and dive. She takes time out of her day to make the food. She was featured in the 92064 magazine four months ago.

 “I can’t leave because I keep meeting people and enjoy meeting people from when they are in middle school now until they head to college,” Brown said.

 The prices range from $0.25 to $5. Shack favorites are the teriyaki rice bowl and ice cream. “We run out of ice cream all the time- summer, winter, fall- always the best seller,” Brown said.

The water polo snack shack is a valued element of Poway High, and helps bring people in to support Poway’s aquatics teams.

 “Trina does an amazing job with her food, right after school, even before even the bell rings, kids come over to try out her snack shack,” girls’ water polo coach Crystal Patterson said.

The snack shack is a big attention grabber for all students, helps fund the aquatics team, and bring people together to come and support. “It benefits our aquatics, the money obviously helps, but it just brings people to be like, oh let’s come over to the pool, oh what’s happening, and it brings a lot of attention over all,” Crystal Patterson stated.

The snack shack is awesome and works wonders for our school’s teams. You should head over to the shack after school and say hi to Trina and try out some of her amazing food.