Standing at 6 ft 9 in and weighing 220 lbs, Cole Stephens is the starting center on the boys’ varsity basketball team. The junior has been a starter on varsity since freshman year, when he got pulled up from jv to start. He is currently honing his skills to become an outstanding college player and continue to gain more experience.

“I have been playing basketball since 3rd grade, and I believe I play a big and positive role on the team,” Stephens said

He has been building skills this whole time to not just better himself, but also to make his team better. By doing so they will crush RB on January 24 at Rancho Bernardo High School. They beat RB last year not once but twice and they hope to continue their winning streak this year. Poway has a much better record than RB (16-4) to (10-7). The gap in skill will be represented by our upcoming game.

“I also work really hard toward my skill in robotics and schoolwork and on my skills on the court by working with club teams such as West Coast Elite.”Stephen said

Coach Scott Fisher notices his great work ethic, which is what earned Stephens respect.

“Cole wants to be good and works hard, and he is committed and devoted at practice. He also gives great effort toward every thing he does,” Fisher said.

He is a good example to those around him, and works to help those at his level and those at the lower level.

“Cole also shows people on the team and younger levels that you can be good at many things and is a good example of how to find things to improve upon and follow through with it,”Fisher said

With Stephens’ help, Poway is ranked in the top 5 teams in the county. In the coming weeks we will be playing many good schools such as Del Norte,Westview, and RB being the biggest one.