The girls’ basketball season consisted of 16-9 record, going 2-3 in league. They will have a game tonight against RB at 5:30 at Poway.

Makayla Whittle the captain of the girls basketball team “It’s been fun and challenging at times and a growth area for many players,” Whittle said. 

The boys’ team has a 20-4 record and 5-0 in the league. Tonight against RB at 7:00 at home.

Adam Sevier, captain of the boys basketball team attributes their success to their strategy on the court. “Our team last year was not as physical as we are now, and that is how we are so successful this season,” Sevier said.

Water polo boys have a 5-3 record and 1-0 in league. 

Girls water polo has a 15-8 record . In the league, they have two wins and one loss.

Girls water polo team captain Maya Davis “It’s been really great the girls are amazing and have played well,” Davis said.

Boys soccer currently has a record of 10-5-5. In the league, they have 3-0-2. They hav a game today against RB today at 3:30 at home.

Jaysom Galindo, boys soccer captain, “We are stronger this season and looking to go far in playoffs.” Galindo said.

Girls soccer 7-3-5. In the league they have 2-1-2. Girls soccer has a game against RB today at 3:30 at RB.

Sydney Kallman captain of the girls soccer team “It’s been super fun, and everyone is super delighted, and we have had good team chemistry,” Kallman said.

Rugby boys have a record of 8-3. 

Colby Kopaz the captain of the rugby team “Very excited to see younger guys learn and grow to become a senior everyone looked up to,” Kopaz said. 

Girls rugby has a record of 10 wins and three wins for this season

Wrestling has gotten a record of 13-2 this season. Feb. 15 the wrestling team is having a CIF Div II Finals.

Jason Miranda the captain of the wrestling team had this to say about their season “The season for our team has been really good and we have grown and will continue to get better.” Miranda said.

All of the sports have been doing a great job this season.