The world was stunned on February 26, when TMZ first reported Kobe Bryant’s tragic death due to a helicopter accident. He was a famous basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years. Many Laker fans think he was the greatest basketball player to play for the team. He was with his daughter and 7 other passengers. Many were shocked and did not believe the news.

“I didn’t believe it was real and I thought It was fake honestly,”  sophomore Brandon Armas said.

Bryant was a phenomenal basketball player having the accomplishments of 5 championships, seventeen all star game appearances, 2 Finals MVPs, and had a whopping eighty-one points during a game. He was a legend and was going to be inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame this year.

“As a female basketball coach, he definitely inspired players who have played with me and is truly a icon in the basketball world,” Coach Karessa Jones said

He was an inspiration for so many athletes, and was famous for his work ethic. Many basketball players wanted to be just like him by doing the little things, like pretending to hit a game winner while shooting around on a court, or even just yelling Kobe while throwing trash away.

“Everytime I felt lazy or undetermined, I would think of how hard Kobe worked to get where he is, and it would inspire me to do more and play harder,” JV basketball player David Angulo said.

This didn’t just affect the basketball community, but the sports world as a whole. Even those who do not play basketball looked up to him because of his success.

“Although he’s already motivated many basketball players, I think his death will motivate even more basketball players around the world,”  JV basketball class Garret Wilcox said

 Bryant had a big impact on not only the sports world, but the world as a whole. The day of his death was a sad and dark day. Bryant’s legacy will always live on through people wearing his number and studying his game to play like him.