Morgan Thomson, Staff Writer

Going into rivalry week, the boys varsity basketball team is feeling extremely optimistic about their chances of taking the win. All of their effort and determination will hopefully pay off at this face-off against the Broncos.

The varsity team has started off their season by winning 21 out of the first 25 games that they have played. These results are giving the team extra confidence going into the RB game.

“We are working hard every day and still have not maximized our potential for this season. Our drive for this year has not changed, so I’m feeling super confident in terms of what the outcome of this game will be,” junior Zack Allums said.

Tensions are high going into rivalry week, but the varsity boys are ready for the challenge. On Jan. 24 they beat Rancho Bernardo 71-42 in their first rivalry game of the season and are ready to prove their dominance, once again, in the upcoming game on Feb. 14.

“I’m excited. It is the most fun game that we play. It means a lot to the boys and to the community and I have a lot of confidence in this team’s abilities,” basketball coach Scott Fisher said.

Fisher has been training the varsity boys this whole year so that they can come out on the winning side of this game. 

This week’s game against RB is a home game, which could give the Titans a competitive edge. They will have many fans cheering them on and will be helped by familiar surroundings.

“It will be a lot of fun to play the kids I have grown up playing against at this game. I think that we have a great chance of winning if we just play like we all know how to play,” junior Garrett Pyle said.

This game will prove to our rivals that we can beat them not only once, but twice and officially burn the pony for this basketball season. Overall, the Titans can be optimistic about the odds for the upcoming game.