Anthony Valencia, Staff Writer

The boys’ varsity soccer team is on their way to the playoff season with a 8-5-3 record. In the second game of the year though, senior Caption Jaysom Galindo went down with an injury. Someone had to pick the team back up and that was senior left midfielder Tannen Carrillo, who stepped up and gave the team the push they needed.

     In their second most recent game against Scripps Ranch High School on January first, Tannen Scored a hat-trick, bringing his goal count up from one to four. He is an all around strong player and a leader. “He stepped as a senior while other seniors haven’t, and we need that … not only does he score goals, he gets us assists too,” said Coach Gene Morris.

     Tannen has been on Varsity for three years and he’s seen what it’s like as the older players took a leadership role, “Someone had to step up, and I said, why not me?” Said Carrillo. “So far, we’re picking up. I hope we can keep the momentum.”

     In addition to his scoring Carrillo has been critical on defense as well. As a goalie it’s difficult and tiring when the ball is in your side of the field the whole game. “Tannen is good at keeping players out of the box and making sure the ball gets back over mid field,” senior Wyatt Oldenburg said.

     Carrillo is a natural leader and has been the Mvp so far in coach Morris’s eyes. With Tannen playing middy he’s able to play defense and offense, so he can help defend and keep the ball outside of the goalie’s box, and he can slash on offense and score, or give a pass to his teammate for an assist.

If Tannen can keep his team motivated and keep winning, the boys can have a great season, and possibly win CIF, Tannen and his squad play Del Norte next and are looking for an easy win on Jan. 22.