Nearing the end of the year and more importantly the end of the decade, we take a look back at how much Poway High has changed.
One of the most recent changes on our campus, occurred in 2017 when students and staff readjusted to the trimester system.
“Being on the trimester system, kids don’t have time to slack off their work because the classes go by so fast,” math teacher Donna Liska said.
Other changes to the actual campus includes the addition of non-gender specific bathrooms.
Our generation has started to become way more accepting to people of all genders and sexualities.
Solar panels were added to the parking lot in 2017.
ASB also just recently remodeled the Titan Center for students to be able to go to for information and a place to hangout.
Within the past decade Poway has changed administration several times , having three different principals, and all-new Assistant Principals in the office throughout the decade.
Some changes to student life on campus has to do with the lockers.
Throughout the decade kids once used lockers to hold belongings during the day.
But now with the evolution of technology, most books are online and on students’ phones.
Coming with technology students have been able to meet a higher level than prior students with access to more information.
“With the new technology, I feel we have been able to reach a new extreme,” Assistant Principal Aaron Little said.
Finishing this year and decade off, the district hopes that voters will pass a bond- measure to allow for an updated campus for decades to come.