At 5’10”, 150 lbs, Adam Sevier, senior point guard for Varsity basketball team, leads the team as one of its captains.Varsity Boys’ won the championship in a pre-season tournament against Mater-Dei on Dec 7. This year’s starting line-up is stacked with two seniors Sevier, Tanner Swindall, and Lucas Shepard. They also have two juniors starting, Garrett Pyle and Cole Stephens.

Sevier has big plans for his last season. “I want our team to bring home a ring this season,” Sevier said

Coach Scott Fisher knows why Sevier is such a dominant player, “He has worked tremendously hard to be the best. His athleticism, skill, and instinct is what separates him from other players on the court,” Fisher said.

Sevier has set a goal of beating RB by at least 60 points. “I want to destroy RB this year and remind them which school is alpha,” Sevier boasted. Rancho Bernardo and Poway have a long lasting rivalry between each other with regards to sports, especially basketball. They will play each other on Jan 24 at RB.

Poway’s main challenge this year is beating Torrey Pines and Sevier has a game plan to come out victorious. “It’s all about confidence. If we head into the game knowing that we are better and more disciplined, then we can get the dub,” Sevier explained. Torrey Pines could be the team’s main obstacle in front of their goal of winning CIF. Some predict that Torrey Pines and Poway will face each other in the CIF championship. Poway will compete with Torrey Pines at home on Dec 20 for a regular season game.

Tanner Swindall, Sevier’s dynamic duo and big man complimented Sevier, “He is an amazing player with the ability to make things happen on the court.” Swindall said.

Overall, the team this year is 8-1 and Sevier, along with the rest of the team, plans on keeping an impressive record throughout the year.