Meeting the cafeteria cuisine connoisseur


Miah Garcia, Staff Writer

Controversy over cafeteria food has been around long enough for students, staff, and social media to join in on the excitement.
One anonymous student wanted their voice to be heard, so with the influence of Rancho Bernardo’s cafeteria food review Instagram account, they created one for Poway High.
The account is strictly dedicated to reviewing Poway High School’s cafeteria food.
The account “phsfoodrevieww” refers to themselves as “The Gordon Ramsay of Poway High,” and only posts photos of cafeteria food, gives funny descriptions, and then rates the food out of ten.
“I wanted to create a page where all students can come together and relate to each other through humor,” the owner, who would like to remain anonymous, said.
What makes people notice the account are the captions, adding a fun little twist to the posts.
Aside from the amusing captions, believe it or not, students do find their page helpful.
“I think it’s a great way to find accurate reviews on the cafeteria food. The captions that the user puts for the description is also humorous, which makes me enjoy the account even more,” freshman Jordyn Harris said.
Created on March 6 of this year, it has gained 500 plus followers and the account has definitely earned lots of popularity and recognition from students.
Adults are also enjoying the account and the fresh flavors it’s bringing to campus.
“We want to serve you here. We accept the good and bad criticism and take it into account too,” PHS Cafeteria Supervisor Lilian Yorba said.
Because of the negative review of the pretzel, they’ve stopped serving it in the freshman quad, but still do in the main one.
With menu items ranging from the meaty quesadillas to sweet slushies, Poway High continues to eat up all of the Instagram posts from its own “Gordon Ramsay” and are sure to stay hungry for more.