Ever wondered which celebrity you look like most? Gradient, a new up and coming photo editing app, has become very popular on the app store. While its editing features are impressive, it is most notorious for its celebrity look-alike feature. You are able to upload a selfie of yourself or a friend, and the app generates a series of photos. It morphs your face into a popular celebrity with similar facial features to yours. 


Senior, Katie Seidl, tried Gradient for the first time. Her look-alike was Alex Morgan.

“My celebrity look-alike is Alex Morgan, a professional softball player.” According to my friends, she does look like me. I rate the app nine out of ten,” Seidl said.


Senior Brian Campion, tried the app as well. His look-alike was Lil Pump, a famous hip-hop artist.

“Although I don’t think I look anything like Lil Pump, I’m still flattered because he is one of my favorite artists,” Campion explained.


Senior, Marquez White, gave the app a whirl, and his look-alike was Post Malone, another popular hip-hop artist. White was not as happy as some of the other participants.

“I’m super upset because not only do I not like his music, but he is an ugly dude,” White said.

Gradient has brought forth a new trend of celebrity look-alikes apps in the app store. While it is a little rough around the edges, it has set a path for many app developers to improve on. Hopefully developers of Gradient can improve on their app and others can create new ones.