Eva Rethmeier and Jordan Ludtke


Halloween is the one day out of the year that a kid can eat a superfluous amount of candy, listen to scary stories, dress up, and stay out past bedtime to trick or treat. Some high school students strongly believe that the day after Halloween should be a holiday, but that is unnecessary. 

As kids grow up, they lose their interest and excitement for Halloween. Few people dress up at school and there are no more classroom parties or special activities that keep the holiday alive. 

Trick or treating doesn’t last past 10pm as houses do not have unlimited candy in their bowls and families have bedtimes. There is no excuse for students to complain about lack of sleep due to “trick or treating” because it should not last any later than a normal night of homework. 

“I don’t mind having school the day after Halloween because I barely even have the time or desire to trick or treat. My friends and I celebrated the holiday over the weekend with a costume party and that was good enough,” Sophomore Mackenzie Rogers said. 

If Poway Unified decided there should be no school after Halloween, some may see it as allowing students to stay out past the San Diego County curfew of 11pm and a chance to partake in illegal activities.

Furthermore, a student’s priority should be the school work. And Halloween can be celebrated over the weekend. 

All in all, there is no convincing reason that the day after Halloween should be a day off.   


Halloween is a spooky night of year people can dress up as anyone they want. Some take the easy route as a ghost while others have intricate costumes that take weeks of planning. 

Halloween is a holiday that people should be able to fully enjoy. Knowing your night is cut short to be ready for school bright and early the next day ruins the full Halloween experience.

Since Halloween is only one-day a year, children of all ages enjoy their chance to stay up past their bedtime collecting as much candy as they can, and then going home to sort through which ones are the best.

Other common Halloween activities, including going to Scream Zone, Haunted Trails, or Knottt’s Scary Farm, are no longer realistic options because school the next day at 7:30 a.m. 

 This late night of fun is hard to enjoy when a student realizes they have to wake up early the next day to attend school. For high schoolers, after all that Halloween fun is over,  some must stay up later to work on homework due the next day.

 “After staying out all night walking the streets of Poway, us students grow weary and should be allowed a day off to rest our tired feet,” senior Katerina Adamiec said.

Students should have the day after Halloween off so that they can sleep in after a long night of Halloween festivitie and a fun night on Halloween without worrying about going to bed early to get enough sleep to be on time bright and early the next morning.