Everybody’s favorITe clown comes crawling back onto the big screens this month.

  In the conclusion of the first flight, the Losers Club makes a pact to come back to Derry if It ever comes back, and 27 years later Pennywise the Dancing Clown is back to play. 

It Chapter Two displays the continuing chronicle of Pennywise haunting Derry and the Loser’s journey to defeating him once again, while showing themes of friendship and love to take another path away from the horror genre. 

The film leaves viewers satisfied and spooked.  Although the movie stretched to about three hours, I was on the edge of my seat every minute.

It Chapter Two receives 10 screaming children out of 10 from me. It is filled with intriguing character development and tales of friendship while having a ramped clown terrorize the town. I loved the portrayal of Ben’s glow up and his never ending love for Beverly, with Bill still in the mix. 

Bill Skarsgård’s menacing smile is something audience members will never forget, and may sneak into their nightmares. The way he plays Pennywise makes it so believable and put me in a trance. 

This newest installment draws out the legend of Pennywise, an evil entity who crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago. The place It landed became present day Derry, and ever since then It’s mission is to lure children into the sewers and eat them. This backstory adds an element of depth, and confusion to the surface level horror film. The backstory is more detailed in the novel, but the movie does well at summarizing it and tying it in with the plot.