eachers said goodbye to their students, their classroom, and their home to pack their bags and and venture beyond Poway High School. 

The teachers that attended trips internationally were: Curt Lewis, Arno Chrispeels, Julie Tovar, Erica Rangel, and Mindy Karp.

Lewis, an AP U.S. History and an AP Government teacher, shared his experience of visiting Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London.“Europe is beautiful… everyone there is so kind, mostly everyone can speak english, and that I just had a lot of fun,” Lewis said. He was also accompanied by the following students: JJ Bainbridge, Devyn Kurn, Luke Shevie, and Diego Rios Brady. This coming summer, Lewis has a trip to Italy and Greece planned and is excited to visit Vatican City. Information about the Italy and Greece trip was given earlier this year in all social studies classes.

Chrispeels, a biology teacher, brought several students of his to Honduras to have an experience with professional scientists and to study and be in the field with them. “It was an incredible experience! We were able to be scuba certified and swam with turtles and all kinds of rays.” senior Alison Parra said. “Waking up and hearing the Quetzal birds above our camp each morning was amazing,” Chrispeels said, referring to his favorite part of visiting Honduras. He also plans to lead a trip to Fiji this upcoming summer for his students.

Tovar, a spanish teacher, went on a trip to Spain and took 13 students; six Poway High Students and 7 Rancho Bernardo High students. Tovar said the highlight of the Spain trip was, “going to Madrid and bonding with the students from Patway and RB”.  Ryann Pratel vacationed to Spain with Tovar and said that the best part of the trip was also visiting Madrid and seeing their grand sports stadium, Santiago Bernabéu.

The trips students were able to experience became the highlight of their summer and allowed teachers and their pupils to apply their knowledge from the classroom to real life experience.