The 2014-2015 Theatre Guild looks promising with the newly appointed officers. This past year, president Peter Lazarz and Director Rollin Swan put up three different plays entitled, Iliad, Leading Ladies, and Love List. Each play was impressively successful, and brought a great group of people together. On May  22 the new officers and president were announced at the banquet. The new president for 2014-2015 is Juliana Riley, the new vice president is Sarah Bergman, the secretary is Aiden Connerty, the treasurer is Juliana Hock, publicity is Jonathan Courtney and Homers officer is Mackenzie Welsh.

Theatre officers will be responsible for working closely with all our actors and addressing each of he production elements: sets, lights and costumes on our shows”, Swan said.

Former president Peter Lazarz is leaving behind some big shoes to fill, but he is very confident in the new officers, “They look promising and will help provide PHS with great entertainment”.

Jimmy Haskins, a senior, is also confident in the officers, “I’m excited to see what they do, and I wish I could be there with them helping out”.  It is no surprise that everyone feels next year’s theater will be a success, as all of the plays this year were a massive success, Mr. Swan is excited to see where next year takes theatre, “They are very talented and energetic, and will be great next year!”

If you have any interest in auditioning for the plays next year, be sure to see Swan in the little theater to get more information on the plays.