Ari Kessler, Sports Editor

As each school year winds down seniors, in particular, have many end-of-the-school-year perks to look forward too. Among these perks are the annual senior picnic, senior breakfast, and Grad Nite. This week of events happen is often referred to as “senior week”.

However, this ‘week’ really only consists of three days, two of which we are required to attend in order to receive graduation tickets and our gaps and gowns.

These traditions are passed on from year to year as rights of passage for those graduating. However, many other schools have so many other events going on, some of which I think Poway should incorporate into senior week.

For example, each year at Mt. Carmel, seniors have a “student trip” of which they take a day on the weekend to go somewhere with their class. This year, they went to Disneyland. People that I know that attend MC and attended the trip, said it was one of their favorite events in high school. I believe that Poway High should also do something like this for their seniors as one last “hoo-rah” before we graduate. We only have a few weeks left with one another and a day like this would help make that transition easier as we will leave knowing we had the best senior year.

I highly recommend that PHS incorporate something like this into future senior weeks.