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Wham! Another hard hitter sends the athlete straight into the ground. Hits lie these are one of the main factors that makes contact sports entertaining. However, referees often put harsh limits on how far contact is allowed to go in the competitive sports scene but sports lie lacrosse often require rough physical contact in order to put the ball in the back of the net or prevent that from happening on the defensive end.

There definitely should be some limits to contact in order to prevent players from receiving injuries. However, these limits should not be so harsh that it slows down the game or the players.

Hits that have no risk of injury should be allowed in contact sports. The athlete should expect to receive physical contact when they join the sport. Re frees worry too much about risks of concussions and will prevent the players fromĀ  playing to their fullest potential by stopping the game because of contact. Referees often also give into the pressure of parents, who are worried for their child’s safety. Some will unnecessarily call light hits just to avoid being yelled at by parents.

On the other hand, referees do still need to prevent any unnecessarily rough hits and keep control of the game. The competitive nature of contact sports can cause the players to want to hit each other with force but this is also what makes them so entertaining.

Referees should be more lenient about how they call contact sports. Especially if the sport has padding and helmets, then players should be allowed to play without worry of getting penalized for contact in a contact sport.