Andrew Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

School spirit is what brings together high school students in a very fun and eventful way, and Poway High has been lacking it this year.

All of our school events have had a shortage of attendance, and nobody is really sure why. In previous years, sports games such as football and basketball usually took place on Friday, and they usually had the most amount of people that attend them, with the student section being completely full of students wearing the theme colors for the night.

But this year the student section has had barely enough students to fill up half of it, and not everyone buys into the theme of the night. This shows how some students do not care for school spirit and others would rather start off their weekend by spending their time elsewhere, while some of their friends attend the exciting and fun school events.

Events such as pep rallies have also had fewer and fewer people attending them. Many people have said that they have stopped going to them because they just are not fun anymore. Unlike last year, the events that take place during the pep rallies are not very crowd inclusive and I would like to see more class competitions so that these events are not boring for the crowd.

Administrators tried to help fix the lack of school spirit by giving everyone a school shirt, but there was only one real time when almost all students wore this shirt, and that was for a school photo.

In conclusion, I believe that it isn’t the schools fault for the lack of spirit, but they do need to find a new way of incorporating everyone in a way that the school will be even more fun and positive.