High schools have always tried to find methods of keeping their students away from trouble, and it seems that trackers inside of ID cards may be the new method of doing just that.

Nobody would ever want to be tracked by somebody else, let alone have their school track them. A form of ID trackers have appeared in some schools across the country, such as Anson Jones Middle School in San Antonio Texas.

The school should only have trackers in an ID card for students who either ditch school or for students who often get into lots of trouble. Trackers are only necessary for students who make poor decisions and are not needed for the majority of students.

First off, trackers are very creepy, and they invade everyone’s privacy. Using trackers could technically go against a student’s Fourth Amendment right of being secure in their own persons. All that should matter to the school is a student’s attendance at school. Also, if there are trackers in ID cards, it would mean that if you have your ID with you, the school can see everywhere that you go. If the school does this, they can see when and where you are at any given time.

The plan of using trackers would very quickly prove ineffective because students would start to leave their ID cards at home. This would happen because knowing somebody’s location is private information, and parents should be the only people that are “required’ to know this because it is their kid.

ID card trackers should never be needed for high school students because it makes students feel creeped out and annoyed.