Ryan Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

An old Poway high school tradition has been jeopardized by the hand that feeds it. Ever since Circle K, now formally known as Good Foods Market, changed their Polar Pop cups the student body has begun refraining from the sweet soda flowing from the gas station everyone knows and loves.  Circle K recently replaced their cups that kept soda much colder for much longer and guaranteed a large, clean soda for class. New plastic cups evaporate water from the cups and leave desks wet and difficult to work on.

Styrofoam cups such as those provided at the Rancho Bernardo Circle K and the Twin Peaks Circle K are stickier so they don’t slide on desks or make any noise in class and don’t leave a mess for the next period to deal with. And on top of the perks for non-disruptive slurping in class, you soda will stay freezing cold the entire period, and the next two if you are really trying to enjoy it all day.

“Polar Pops were classic, just some great soda. I hate to see the old cups go,” senior Rylan Nigro said..

Styrofoam cups keep soda crisper and sweeter the entire cup because the cups are better insulated, so the ice stays frozen much longer. The more ice melts, the more watered down the soda tastes. And no one likes watered down soda.

Hopefully the people running our Circle K come together and return the glorious cups to their customers. This will be unlikely however because a new company purchased Circle K and they are not allowed to use the Styrofoam cups even though they have stacks of them in the back,