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Students benefit from encouragement

Suhail Rahimi

   When teachers who don’t create a connection with their students or don’t make their classroom a safe space for students it can effect their teaching. Having a positive and ready-to-learn attitude when going to school is exactly what teachers are looking for to have success. But you’re going to need a bit more to reach that point.

   Teachers who create an uncomfortable classroom environment but then get upset that their students aren’t passing their class are going to keep repeating the cycle. Classroom environment and how the teacher interacts with their students goes hand in hand.

   I had a math class where the teacher told the students to write down exactly what they wrote on the board. The teacher just wrote problems on the board and expecting the students to learn from it. But, when he did walk through the problems and someone asked a question that they were confused about he dismissed it by saying “you should’ve learned that last year” and it felt like he was almost shaming them for being confused.

   The entire trimester that teacher made backhanded and harsh comments to me and other students. I felt so nervous and hated going to his class and having to talk to him. I felt like he always had something rude to say to me everytime I walked through the door.

   Teachers can make small changes like trying to get to know their students better by asking about their days or how they are feeling instead of jumping straight into the lesson. They could also put decorations in the classroom, it doesn’t have to be extravagant but just a little something to make their class feel a little more homely. 

   I’ve had my fair share of teachers who did not make an effort to make their students feel comfortable, but I have also had plenty who do. My AVID teacher, Julianna Tovar goes out of her way for every one of her students. She creates a personal connection with them and truly wants them to succeed.

   She puts just as much effort in as she is expecting from the students. She also gives students a chance to give feedback and have input on her classroom environment. 

   Both this year and last she had her AVID students put together a list of class norms to enforce. Tovar makes sure that everyone feels comfortable in her classroom. Even if you are the quiet kid who just comes and goes she makes it known that she sees you and appreciates you. 

   I am not expecting teachers to change the way they choose to approach their lessons but I expect them to be more considerate when it comes to the education and well-being of their students. 

   Making minor changes can go a long way for a student and their education. Teachers want their students to succeed but sometimes they need to switch things up to make that happen.

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