Prom presents a roaring good night

(Left to right) Nick Nugent, Elizabeth Wilson, Avery Hilliard, Katelyn Bayerle, Annika Ekeroth, Kaiden Campbell, Kiara Bowser, Nico McBride, Abby Duley, Asia Tano-Aicher Garcia gather under the trees of light. (Gabe Stamat)
Titans dance all night long. (Gabe Stamat)
Senior Matilda Bowen plays foosball. (Gabe Stamat)
Senior Danial Derakhshidan reaches for the sky as he dances in the crowd. (Gabe Stamat)
A conga line forms during “Fireball” by Pitbull. (Gabe Stamat)
Juniors Mackenzie Parsons, Amanda McGhee, and Jazzy Nguyen pose with flowers.