Cook to leave for Ph.D.

In room N5-104 in April, Daniel Cook broke the news to his students about his departure from Poway High.
After earning his teaching credentials and having taught for six years at PHS, Cook is going to pursue an opportunity with a full-ride scholarship to attend the University of Washington (UW) as a Ph.D. candidate.
Cook said he could not refuse the temptation to research for six years.
Cook’s next step is moving to Seattle and focusing on his Ph.D.
If all goes well, Cook intends to become a University or College professor of History and continue doing research, and publishing new materials in the field.
During his studies at UW, he will get paid to research Peru in the twentieth century.
In his Ph.D program he will also have to pursue three other sub-fields of his choice.
Cook got his master’s degree in History from San Diego State University (SDSU) and wanted to return to study at the graduate level.
While completing his master’s, he fell in love with the research aspect. Expecting to be sick of research by the end of his program, Cook was surprised by how much passion was sparked for it.
“I just kind of fell in love with research,” Daniel Cook said.
In graduate school, Cook read a book by Adam Warren, who will be Cook’s supervisor during his Ph.D., and reached out to him about his undergrad program.
After communicating with many authors, Cook decided on the University of Washington.
Many students are sad about Cook’s departure. “Mr. Cook is an awesome teacher who really works hard and it’s a shame to see him go,” junior Grace Barrow said.
Cook taught sociology, U.S History, and AP Psychology here. Those courses will continue to be taught next year, according to Department Chair of Social Sciences Jordan Mckee.
Fellow AP Psychology teacher Breezy Ambort feels bittersweet about Cook’s plan.
“I’m going to miss being able to work with him, cause it’s been nice to have a partner. But I’m excited for what he’s moving onto because I know that this is something he really wants to do,” Ambort said.
Cook said he will provide his personal email address at the end of the year for any students who need anything, want to keep in touch, or want some advice on how to get into university.