Staff editorial: troubles on Titan Way


   In this past year, Iliad members witnessed two accidents on Titan Way and countless near-accidents. It is no secret that about 30 minutes before school begins and after school ends, Titan Way becomes incredibly chaotic and unsafe, as if none of the laws apply. There are students crossing dangerously close to fast-moving cars driven by parents rushing to work after dropping their kid off or students desperately trying to find a parking spot. Lunchtime is similar, with many trying to reach their cars to grab food off campus in only 30 minutes. Administration seems blind to the issue, since campus security only patrols the lots and typically stay near the gates. 

   It is easy to point fingers and blame the other group. It is true that students do not use the designated crosswalk, but it is also true that reckless drivers are not careful. The reality is that if every student who parked in the overflow used the crosswalk, many would be late to class and traffic could become even more backed up, since the crosswalk is in an unfavorable spot to reach the school. The south lots are much closer to campus and parking spots are very limited, so cars rush to grab a spot. Who is at fault is debatable, but the problem needs to be addressed, discussed, and handled. 

   We propose some possible solutions. Bring back the safety patrol. It might seem silly, but if campus security or even paid, trained student patrols could rotate between letting students cross and cars go, it could ensure safe crossing and smooth flow of traffic. 

   Another could be to designate an area in the north lot for pick up/drop off. Much of the traffic is parents quickly dropping off or picking up their kid, so if we could separate the student drivers from the parent drivers, it could simply decrease the amount of cars driving on Titan Way. Even sending a mass email to all parents explaining the issue and encouraging them to pick up/drop off in the north lot could be somewhat effective. After all, the overflow and senior lot are meant to be student lots.