Tackling ocean pollution, one shore at a time


Anna Hetherington

(Left to right) sophomores Megan Kirschbaum and Ella Berry, seniors Morgan Mc Grath, Nola Moore, and Alyssa Thompson, and freshmen Sofia Rosati and Katelyn Wellman all help out to clean beaches.

Sweeping the shores of all the litter, tens of students from Poway are always doing their best to make a difference in San Diego. The Beach Cleanup Club has made waves in the community with their passion for protecting the environment and preserving the beauty of the surrounding coastal areas.
Currently led by senior Nola Moore, this dedicated group is on a mission to not only clean up the shores but also to spread awareness about the detrimental effects of pollution on marine life and ecosystems.
“My favorite part about being president of the Beach Cleanup Club is getting more involved in our community and meeting a lot of new people at our school,” Moore said. Beach Cleanup Club meets every other Friday in N5-203, and they have many objectives. Their main one is to reduce the amount of litter that pollutes the beaches of San Diego.
“Our goal in the club is to keep the beaches clean for everyone to keep enjoying,” Moore said.
Cleaning the beaches of Southern California, one plastic wrapper at a time, has been very rewarding and beneficial to not only the beaches, but to those involved in the Beach Cleanup Club community. Each group cleanup session takes place on a San Diego beach. After every bi-weekly meeting, a beach is selected for cleanup, and the club spends a Friday afternoon relieving the sandy shores of every piece of trash or litter they can find.
From Del Mar to Mission Beach, no shores will go untouched by the Beach Cleanup Club.
“My favorite part would have to be knowing that I’m helping make the world a better place with my friends,” senior Alyssa Thompson said.
The club’s dedication to preserving the coastal ecosystems has not only led to cleaner beaches but has also inspired a growing awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability among high school students. The club’s success is proven by its ability to continue operating after multiple years, starting before COVID started. Beach cleanup encourages people interested in joining them at their next meeting.