“P-Town Almost Friday” brings laughter to Instagram

Ned Riddle, Staff Writer

Last year, Titans had the up rise of the Instagram craze over @phsfits. But this year scrolling through Instagram, the leading student-led account falls on @ptownalmostfriday. The account, which has quickly gained a massive following, posts a curated selection of user-submitted photos featuring Poway students and their friends every Thursday.

With its humorous content and widespread appeal, P-Town Almost Friday has become a much-anticipated tradition for many Titans using Instagram. Simply put: users submit funny, candid shots of their friends to the account’s owners and operators, who then select the most amusing ones to feature “on the gram.’

The resulting array of images ranges from perfectly timed awkward moments to light hearted group pictures. Not always the most school appropriate, the account is not affiliated with PHS.
The account’s popularity has been steadily growing since its inception, with followers eagerly awaiting each week’s newest batch of images. The anticipation has even turned into a mini-craze, with users tagging their friends in the comments and challenging them to find even funnier photos to submit for the following week.

“The almost Friday post is something to look forward to every week. It always has something funny” senior Ben McCaulay said.It’s not just the images themselves that have captured the hearts and minds of Instagram users. The accompanying captions, written by P-Town Almost Friday’s anonymous owner, add an extra layer of humor to each post. The account has also been successful in creating a sense of community among its followers.

Many users report bonding with friends over the shared experience of laughing at the hilarious images and discussing their favorites. Although the page has found a sudden success, some Titans have found their images being posted an unexpected jump scare. Sudden submissions from friends are not always appreciated, but this can be solved with just a quick message towards the page, where the account will quickly and swiftly take down the photo.
“I think P-Town Almost Friday is cool as long as no one sends in an ugly picture of me,” senior Kaidyn Stout said. This sense of camaraderie extends beyond the account’s followers, as the subjects of the photos themselves often become minor celebrities within their own social circles.
It’s important to note that the account will swiftly take down any and all posts in which somebody pictured does not want the photo to stay on the page.