Which Titan bleeds the greenest?


Winner Abbey Skale put on a magic performance, where she amazed both the crowd and the judges.

Illuminating the stage, a green light was cast onto contestants as they performed an opening dance, followed by talent acts, and a spirit fashion show – all to answer the question, who bleeds the greenest? 

On March 16, nine seniors participated in the annual Most Spirited Titan competition held in the PCPA. Opening the show was a dance choreographed by a Poway Dance Project (PDP) captain, senior Avery Moncey, it included all of the contestants to get the crowd hyped up. 

Each of the contestants then showcased their special talents to try to wow the crowd. Next, each contestant answered a different question, such as “who inspires them?”A spirit competition followed, and ended with a final group dance. 

Ranging from magic tricks by Abbey Skale, to comedy shows by Kiara Bowser and Nico McBride, to musical performances by Rhett Jorgenson and Aiden Betts, these Titans chose a talent to showcase in hopes to win votes.  

Standing out from the rest, winner Abbey Skale stole the show by performing magic tricks where she first asked for three volunteers, seniors Colton Hintz and Ryan Macdougall and Rayan Zarrabi, to join her on stage. Skale asked Hintz to think of a teacher at Poway High. Skale then wrote down who she thought he was thinking of on a whiteboard and ended up guessing correctly. She followed the question by bringing her dog to participate in the act and pulling out the card that one of the participants had also drawn. Skale has also been practicing magic since she was in elementary school. 

“It felt so exciting because it’s such an honor because of how much spirit the class as a whole has,” Skale said. 

As well as just having to come up with an act, for the two weeks before the show, participants had to spend every lunch and some mornings practicing. For some, the best part was just getting to know their classmates.

“It was really fun getting to bond with all of the different contestants and kind of sad because there are people I should’ve known all throughout high school but only got to know them when we are this close to graduating,” senior Aiden Betts said. 

Betts showcased his talent by playing the triangle and having background music. He constantly tricked the crowd by almost hitting the triangle but then not hitting it when the beat dropped to create suspense. 

Another fun part of the show was the spirit competition. Each contestant showed off their Titan pride by going all out in all things green. 

“My favorite part was getting to wear eight layers of clothing for the spirit competition,” Betts said. 

Covered in Titan pride, Betts wore green pants, a green hoodie, and giant green glasses in addition to his eight Poway t-shirts. 

The audience responded wildly, with lots of chants for their favorite contestants.

“I thought it was really fun to watch because all the acts were so funny and suspenseful to see what the next person was going to do,” freshman Alyssa Menges said.