Chronically online

Celebrities deserve privacy too

   I was changing in a locker room when I heard someone shout, “Kylie posted her new baby!” As someone who doesn’t keep up with Kylie Jenner’s life much, it took a lot for me not to laugh. Around a year ago, Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby boy and didn’t immediately post all about it on Instagram. The Internet was offended by Kylie withholding information about her new baby, and her comment sections everywhere were full of people demanding she show them her baby. 

   After months of mystery, the Internet was enraged and rude towards Kylie, but when did we have the right to know and see everything about the lives of celebrities? Just because we see them in movies and magazines shouldn’t mean we get to see them at all times. Celebrities deserve their privacy.

   Another trend of celebrities getting their lives torn apart for public scrutiny… celebrity documentaries. Pamela Anderson recently revealed that the Hulu series Pam and Tommy was never ran past her. She never gave her consent or approval on the creation of the series. 

   Anderson was once married to rockstar Tommy Lee. In the early 90s, their sex tape was stolen and leaked to the then-newly-created Internet. Their story is the reason so many Internet copyright laws exist now, but it’s also a deeply personal part of their lives that no one has the right to share except for them.

   Exploiting the lives of celebrities has been a trend lately and people get angry when they are denied access to any small portion of a celebrity’s existence. It’s unfair and cruel. Would you appreciate it if the whole school got to know everything about you? If they got to watch a live video feed of you at all hours of the day? The answer is no, as it is a major invasion of privacy.

   Celebrities should be known for their jobs. Way too often are celebrities, especially female ones, asked about their love lives on the red carpet when they should be discussing whatever event they are there for. We don’t need to know everything about them unless they want to share it with us. 

   The pandemic has made us all chronically online screenagers, which is not entirely our fault. Demanding to know everything about the lives of celebrities needs to stop before celebrities get scared out of their spotlights. Too much exposure and attention has scared celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Gwenyth Paltrow, and the Olsen Twins. To what effect?

   And if you noticed a female pattern, you’re right. People exploit women way more often than they exploit men. Are they not disgusted by themselves yet?