Can YOU keep the secrets hidden?

Part one of season four of You releases on Netflix


   Have you ever felt like someone is watching you? Now with today’s technology and eyes everywhere, it is almost as if you are never alone. In the popular Netflix show, You, Joe seems to have avoided an audience in the past, but now, can he really keep all his secrets hidden? In the new released part one season four of You, Joe Goldberg, now living in London as Jonathan Moore intends to keep his past in the past. 

   The season starts off with Jonathan’s refreshed life working as a college professor in lovely London. His new lifestyle seems very appealing – a nice flat with books for miles, a fireplace to snuggle next to, and the goal to stay independent. But the open curtains of his nextdoor neighbors Kate and Malcolm are enticing for Jonathan, or should I say Joe,and his lurking eyes, as he already brings back the famous repetitive obsessive attitudes he has.

   This peaceful lifestyle is short lived. Within the first episode a homicide and another body must be dealt with. This season definitely has some bloody scenes that may be too gruesome for some, more than previous seasons. 

   The new episodes of You are some of my favorites, for one they take place in a foreign setting, but most importantly Joe is no longer the stalker. Throughout the show, I feel like a Sherlock Holmes, as Joe attempts to crack the code on who is now stalking him. This new perspective and turning of the tables certainly bring a whole new excitement while watching. 

   With that being said, Joe was forced to leave things he loved abruptly at the end of last season. Although I wish his past was addressed a little more in these episodes, Marienne, Joe’s “true love” does have an appearance answering some of the much anticipated questions. 

   Based on Joe’s choices for friends, and lovers in the past, it can’t get any worse. But this pack of new characters have some secrets and wit that contradicts everything “Jonathan” was looking for, or needs. The narrative of Joe is always one of my favorite parts of the show, and it’s funny to hear his commentary on the inner circle he’s entered of the richest in London. 

   Part one of season four brings a refreshing plot that contradicts previous seasons. So far, this has been one of my favorite seasons and it’s not even over yet. Part two releases March 9, and you will find me with my popcorn waiting for Jonathan’s next move.