Stuck to you


Just in time for Valentine’s day, indie singer-songwriter Beabadoobee released her new single “Glue Song” Feb. 14. Bea welcomed the winter season for listeners to melt away the cold and celebrate the season for couples, love, and soapy rom-coms. 

While having a unique stage name, Beabadoobee or Bea Kristi, gained attention in early 2020 via Tiktok. Through this platform, Kristi gave teasers and snippets of the “Glue Song” as early as March of last year. From the high demand of fans, and in anticipation of opening for Taylor Swift’s tour, Kristi recently released the song and music video to accompany it.

The sweet serenade of Kristi’s voice feels like a love letter written to her new partner and fellow artist Jacob Erland. With the publicity over the end of her six-year relationship with Soren Harrison, it seemed for some fans it was hard to accept a new face. But I feel like the over-ideation of Kristi’s and Harrison’s relationship brought unnecessary burden and pressure for the couple to suffice. 

In the music video, I became very enthralled with the handheld camera and retro feel of the high contrast gradation throughout the video. Alongside the simple repetition of the lyrics “I’ve been stuck by the glue, right onto you” I felt like it mimicked the rhyme pattern of a poem. While the video being focused on Kristi throughout, the visuals seemed personal and love-struck, but felt appropriate given that Erland recorded it.

 Another song in Kristi’s discography that I found similar was “The Perfect Pair” as it is sung in a soft-spoken tone. This is a song that goes along well for those flying single as it contrasts the sweet lyrics of the “Glue Song” with the issues in a relationship.

Despite being a rather short listen with two minutes, the melody of the song is very addictive and a love-at-first listen.