Key Club unlocks opportunities to help out

   During lunch on Tuesdays, while Poway’s campus is bustling with students eating and laughing, Key Club’s members are working to make the world a better place, whether it be picking up recyclables or meeting to plan their next adventure.

   These energetic meetings are supervised by advisor Paul Coleman. He has served the role since his predecessor Jacque Whitaker retired a few years ago. 

   “It’s always a very positive environment, I always love coming here and having kids in here, because you have a lot of kids that are just really wanting to help out the community, people are really just wanting to do good things in their world, I’m really happy to be there with them,” Coleman said.

   Club president junior Anchal Verma directs outings. Her responsibility is to make announcements and collaborate with the club members and involved adults to set up the work projects they embark on, such as making packed lunches for underserved Poway elementary schoolers and their families, through Poway Kiwanis Club’s ‘Holiday with Heroes’ or running fundraisers at restaurants such as Panda Express with proceeds going to the Pediatric Trauma Program.

   Verma decided to run for president of the club to become more involved in school leadership. She has been able to sharpen her presenting skills in this position.

    “I have definitely gained experience… I think it’s valuable and rewarding to be able to present in front of members,” said Verma.

   Senior Karla Soriano joined because she wanted it to bolster her resume, but found a passion for volunteering in the club.

   “There’s a lot of community service events, and that’s really fun because you get to really feel like you’re actually making an impact,” Soriano said. Helping her peers and those around her is a big part of her life, and Key Club helps her expand her outreach.

   Poway Key Club is an opportunity for everyone who wants to give back and help out their community, and to find like-minded people.