Poetry Spotlight


Emmerysn Remick

Of Us to the Moon

It is quite the mystery, of how the moon perceives love

when it falls away from its place, aloft of the sky

and its lover, one so bright that it is blinded from above,

rests below the surface, and the moon falls for such warmth as a lullaby.

How is one to love, when love cannot be reached?

Shall we reach below the ground to discover

what we cannot defeat?

Wise, I say, those who can unearth the truth ’twas covered.

Oh, but how the chase is endless!

The moon follows the sun, and the days are never restless, 

for their love hath just begun.

Love can be found,

even where there is none to see, 

and when we let ourselves feel it, 

our hearts can finally be free.

Junior Emmersyn Remick wrote this poem in Writing Seminar, a class where students write within all kinds of genres. You can visit other student works at medium.com/poway-published.