Parking permit tickets being enforced in all lots

Miah Garcia, Editor-in-chief

After students without parking permits received warnings on their cars on Jan. 31, campus supervisors are suddenly being more strict about parking violations. According to Assistant Principal Micheal Gizzo, they are only enforcing rules that already existed.
“We wanted to issue a warning because we didn’t want to start ticketing without giving students a chance to get a parking permit. Over COVID, we stopped enforcing some of the policies with fewer people being on campus, but now, we’re reinstating the previous policy that has always existed,” Gizzo said.
To avoid getting a ticket, Titans must first sign up and attend a Start Smart Defensive Driving class held by the City of Poway Sheriff’s Department. Titans must attend a class with a parent in order to get a parking permit, a requirement administrators had been lenient about recently.
“You can be a freshman and still attend, even if you don’t get your license until your junior year. You just need to go once in your high school career,” AP Secretary Fernanda Urmeneta said.
The next class is March 15 at 6 p.m. in K-1 and students can go to the Parking Information page on the Poway High website to sign up.
After attending, Titans can obtain a parking permit.
“This is the only way we can know if there are enough spaces, based on the number of parking permits we have. It’s also safer because we can track whose cars are whose,” Gizzo said.
Campus supervisors circulate the lots to make sure there is no vandalism or unsafe conditions.
“If it’s the first time, and it’s accidental, I don’t necessarily want you to worry about it. We’ll always have a conversation. Campus supervisors are not out to get anybody,” Gizzo said.
Titans also cannot park in the neighborhoods, including along Riparian Road from 8-10 a.m.
However, public parking is available along Titan Way, a temporary solution for those without permits.