Staff editorial: addressing the potty problem

Autumn Zusman, Editor-in-Chief

   All people want to do after class is use the bathroom quickly and then get to their next class. Although this is what should be happening, it is not the reality at Poway High. When entering the bathroom if you are lucky there will be little to no line, but most of the time there will be a very long, slow line, which is not due to the amount of people that actually need to use the bathroom. 

   The reason that people have to wait so long, jeoprdizing being late to class is because groups of people will just hang out in the bathroom. They go in the stalls together, holding up the line by staying in there for all of break or passing period. This limits the amount of stalls open, and for the people who actually need to use the restroom create an unfortunate situation. 

   Not only do people hang out in the stalls, but they just crowd around the mirrors as well talking to friends, and taking up a majority of the sinks. This creates a backup and yet another line just to use a sink which is extremely unnecessary. Having to walk around crowds of people while only trying to wash your hands is something no one wants to experience, thus if you want to hang out with your friends just go to one of the quads or many hallways that Titans can hang out in. 

   The correct use of the bathroom should go like this: wait your turn patiently in line, when a stall opens up, go in, do your business, and get out so the next person can use the restroom, then wash your hands, and leave the bathroom. This easy and simple system will lessen the long lines and crowded bathrooms, making going to the bathroom less uncomfortable for some when crowds of people are not in the bathroom. 

   Titans should know better than to just hang out in the bathroom because some people really do have to use it, and they are being inconsiderate to others. Not to mention the bathroom is not the most sanitary and desirable place to hang out, so people should just go outside in the fresh air and enjoy time with their friends there, while leaving the bathroom to the people that actually need to use it.