ASB leaders take charge


   ASB president Jasmine Nguyen has been part of ASB since sixth grade and has made a huge impact on the people she has met and the schools she has attended. Nguyen has always done a wonderful job as president and is a natural leader. Nguyen has just been selected as ASB president on January 30th and will continue with that position throughout her senior year. 

  “My plans are to help improve ASB and come together as a group in order to create a good environment for all students to enjoy and have a fun high school experience,” Nguyen said.

    Since her freshman year, Nguyen has been very involved in school activities. She is part of the Superintendent Student Advisory Council, the Vice President of the Fight Against Hunger Club, Link Crew, ASB, and Varsity Lacrosse. 

     “Some goals I have are to increase school spirit and overall bring the school together. ASB is all about creating fun and inclusive events for students to enjoy. I really want to bring this energy and implement it into Poway,” Nguyen said. Being the ASB president is a huge responsibility, but Nguyen has lots of people who will help her out along her journey as president, including Mackenzie Parsons, the new 2024 class president.

    “My favorite memory in ASB was definitely planning events alongside Mackenzie Parsons. We were the class president for three years and planned Morp, airbands, made T shirts, and so much more. We make a great team, and I wouldn’t be here without her,” Nguyen said.

    Parsons and Nguyen have known each other since sixth grade after meeting in ASB and have been close ever since. 

    “She is really good at taking charge and getting people to listen to her. Basically everyone in ASB looks to her for advice or instruction because she is a natural leader. To her, ASB isn’t simply a class or a grade, it’s what she enjoys doing, and she’s good at it which is a plus. She’ll make Poway a better place by simply continuing to be the same, determined leader she has been since 6th grade,” Parsons said.

   Sarah Gladheim, the new VP of business, is also looking forward to continuing to work with Nguyen. 

   “I got to know Jazmine when I joined ASB my freshman year. The best part about her as a person is that she always has such a positive outlook on life for everyone. Jazmine is always sweet, very bubbly, always smiling and making others smile, and can talk to anyone to a room,” Gladheim said.