Powderpuff prepares for RB


Juniors Bianca Mikes, Teya White, and Tessa Buswell run through a play on Jan. 11.

Avalon Nash, Staff Writer

The fog hangs in the air, wispy, cold, and still. It is a Wednesday morning, and while most of Poway’s students are taking advantage of an extra hour and a half of sleep gained through late start, a select few arise early – juniors and seniors participating in Powderpuff. 

Casting off the sleepiness of the morning they dash across the field, throwing, running, and catching footballs.

Powderpuff is one of Poway’s many beloved traditions where Poway’s best female athletes flip the narrative on the patriarchal notions, putting their talent and teamwork on display. Though the origins of powderpuff are rooted in gender stereotypes, over recent years it has found a new meaning. 

The name “powderpuff” is a reference to the makeup compact, and initially was tinged with mocking and meant to imply fragility. Despite this context, it has stuck around as the name of the event.

Powderpuff has had a sporadic history at Poway, happening every so often but never consistently. Run by ASB, student enthusiasm has to be high in order for traditions and events to stand the test of time, Powderpuff being no exception. ASB Director Emily Pratt explains the ultimate goal is to maintain student involvement. “Some years there’s interest, others there’s not. ASB is focused on providing to student interest and right now Powderpuff is one,” Pratt said. 

The juniors and seniors faced each other on Jan. 21, and the winner will go on to face Rancho Bernardo in the championship game Jan. 28.

Practices occurred at lunch and on Wednesday mornings. Participants were coached by players on the football team, who instructed  them on the rules of the game and brainstormed plays. 

“As of now we’re testing what positions people work best in and we run different routes, along with throwing and catching the ball,” senior Powderpuff member Abby Duley said on Wednesday Jan. 11.

For junior Teya White, her older sister was her inspiration to be a part of Powderpuff. White was set to be the juniors’ starting receiver and part time quarterback. She had faith in her teammates before the match up. “I am pretty confident in our team, and I believe it will be a good matchup…our bond and how well we work together is our secret weapon,” White said. 

Seniors embraced the competitive spirit as well. Abby Duley is unique among her teammates, being new to powderpuff this year and has found joy in the experience. “We have a lot of fun and energy, but I think there’s definitely more pressure to win because we’re seniors,” Duley said. 

Powderpuff is expected to be an exciting showdown, and this year’s partakers are hoping to find victory in the championship after the events of last year where Poway’s seniors lost to Rancho Bernardo’s juniors.