Poetry Spotlight


(n.) the inconsolable longing in
the human heart for we know not what

remember me as you remember a rock in the sand,
remember me in your heartland
and bury me in the ground
six feet deep, lost and hellbound

dig me up centuries later
I know your love, i’ll be your navigator
across seas of rock and shale
happiness our forever white whale

there is mud under your nails
so tell me your forgotten tales
of memories beneath untouched grass
artifacts behind cut and polished glass

and those days are long gone,
drifting away in the ancient dawn
so i’ll be your babylon
as long as i’m in your pantheon

remember me as you remember a leaf in a lake,
remember me when you wake
and bury me under the earth
again, until the next rebirth

Junior Cadence Hulick wrote this poem in Writing Seminar, a class where students write within all kinds of genres. You can visit other student works at medium.com/poway-published.