Catching up with Titan TV


Daniel Sweeney

Senior Gavin Villalobos (left) and junior Tyler Hedblade (right) collaborate on audio.

Daniel Sweeney, Staff Writer

Lights, camera, action. These are the words uttered to students like senior Kani Thomas by their teacher every third period, as they get ready to entertain Titans in their studio.
Now, they are better than ever with new segments to freshen up the content.
Teacher Robert Kaechele is there to keep the team going, although the students themselves are really the catalyst behind it all.
Choosing new segments is not as easy as it may seem. There’s a whole process behind it.
“We pull together the class, and we look at the disposable sections, there are certain ones that have to stay, and there’s ones that we can remove, and there’s ones that we can add in, so that’s how that process was created. We as a group look at what’s best suited for an improvement to the program, and of best service to the students,” Kaechele said.
Junior Logan Norris is behind the “Titan Gains” segment, a creative way to inform Titans about fitness. For him, being a part of Titan TV is a unique experience. “I like learning and improving, and interacting with fellow broadcast members,” Norris said.
Thomas is responsible for “Class Comps,” which pits representatives from every grade against each other in different challenges every week. Sometimes keeping it fresh is hard for them.
“Every week we just work with all the classmates to figure out something that’s going to entertain the people, get the audience going, and have a good time,” Thomas said .
Senior Nick Nugent is the yoga guru in the ‘Yoga and Meditation’ segment, a way to improve Titans’ physical and mental health. He said one of the most significant skills they learn in broadcast journalism is how to connect with their peers in an environment more resemblant of a job.
“I think communication is the biggest thing in this classroom, and just sharing ideas, being innovative, I feel that’s the best way to just let it out,” Nugent said.
Titan TV is produced for Monday and Friday homerooms and third period Wednesdays. Titans can watch it anytime on the PHS Newscast YouTube channel.