Megan suggests you choose friends wisely


Amie Donald in M3GAN (2022). Courtesy of IMDb

Kenzie Mehl, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to have someone that could be your new best friend, protect you, and understand you? Well, that’s what Megan is for. Amie Donald is the talented actor behind the creepy doll on screen.
Megan is a marvel of artificial intelligence and is a lifelike doll who can respond to and retain information. Gemma is the roboticist who created Megan. When she suddenly becomes her niece Katy’s legal guardian, she decides to use Katy to test out the doll.
After Katy is paired with Megan, it automatically becomes Megan’s goal to keep Katy safe and protected. Katy loves Megan, and they would do everything together, and Megan would never let Katy leave her sight.
Megan is meant to protect Katy from physical and emotional harm, but what if Megan is that harm she’s supposed to be protecting Katy from?
This movie does not take itself too seriously, and that is what makes it good. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time wondering what was going to happen next, but I was also laughing at the subtle jokes they would make.
If you want a movie suspenseful enough to keep you interested and on your toes, but not so scary to keep you from falling asleep, then this movie is perfect for you.
Ever since the trailer was released Dec. 1, people on social media have been obsessed with Megan and her dancing. I’ve come across many videos of people editing the scene of her dancing with different songs behind it, and I find it hilarious.
I’ve even seen actress Allison Williams, who plays Gemma doing interviews and six actors dressed as Megan were sitting behind her just staring at her, and in another interview one interrupted and started dancing.
Megan is currently still in theaters, but once it’s out it will be available to stream on Peacock. Get excited becasue a sequel is already on the way.
In my opinion, it’s a must-watch even if you are not into scary movies. I wish I could see this movie all over again for the first time.