Pizookie party on Tuesdays


Olivia Brown, Sports Editor

At 7 p.m. on a Tuesday, the flush of high schoolers begins at the BJ’s in Escondido. Employees notice the increased number of teens and how many more families than usual visit, and sometimes patrons even have to wait awhile for a table. But, why Tuesdays?
A new tradition among Poway students has also been adopted by other schools. BJ’s on Tuesday evenings is packed with teens enjoying dinner and their pizookies with friends. Dinner dates on Tuesdays have become more popular for high school students since the start of the school year due to the $4 pizookie deal. Normally $12, the pizookie, a pizza cookie, is only offered at a discount one night every week. Previously, the pizookies were $2 on Tuesdays, but the more attention they gained, the higher the price got. The best way to describe a pizookie is a dessert pizza with a cookie crust and ice cream on top. It is baked in an iron skillet pan, and has a delicious doughy “crust” that melts in your mouth.
BJ’s offers a variety of flavors, including monkey bread, strawberry shortcake, and cookies and cream. My personal favorite is their seasonal churro flavor.
The popular dessert is the main reason most people go. Many just stop in for a pizookie, without getting a meal. Sometimes you will find groups studying together there too, especially during finals week. Although their food can be good, it takes a while for it to be delivered to the table.
Part of the reason people go to BJ’s besides the desserts, is to make memories with their friends. Many students from different schools go, so it is a good chance to see friends outside of school.
For many friend groups, it has become a tradition every Tuesday.
BJ’s menu includes pizzas, burgers, pasta, and even some seafood choices. My friends and I enjoy going to order smiley fries and a variety of different pizookie flavors to all share and try.