Staff Editorial: Schedule switch up impacts students

The final bell rings and students flood the parking lot as the sun is already setting. High school students are already busy enough with school, including the additional sports and other extracurricular activities. With school getting out more than an hour later than last year, students do not have enough time in the day and end up going to bed much later. The new bell schedule may be actually hurting students in the end.

A recent California law requires high schools to start no earlier than 8:30. We start five minutes later, so the buses and their routes can accommodate middle schools as well. This change was a major adjustment at first but by now most students and teachers have adapted. This start time also affects some of the teachers as they have difficulty dropping off their kids at school and still making it to work on time.  

Compared to last year’s schedule, the total amount of minutes in school is 10 minutes longer and this is a decision made by the district to have the same start and ending time. One of those extra minutes went to lunch and some were for extra time in 3rd period to allow for the daily announcements. Students definitely feel these extra minutes throughout the day especially since most get home once the sun is already beginning to set. 

Principal Richard Nash explained that the schools wanted as much time in the classrooms as they could get, which is why students got a minute taken away from their passing period. Passing periods are now six minutes, and although it may not seem like a big difference, students feel rushed in between their periods. 

According to Nash, the district is aware that the schedule is not perfect and will undergo some changes in future years to come.