Enola Holmes returns


A finder of lost souls returns, this time seeking the whereabouts of a girl who has suddenly gone missing. Will she ever find her, or does something, or someone make her case bigger than she expected? “Enola Homes 2 emerges with more mystery than before as Enola opens her first investigative business on her own. 

With her mother still on the run, and Sherlock Holmes as her new guardian, she feels as though her purpose is to help others. Disappointed with the poor turnout of her new business, she almost gives up, but hope returns once she takes on a case to help a young girl find her sister who has disappeared. 

Although the movie is quite long, the plot is slowly sewn together with more clues to where this girl has gone. First, starting at the match factory where the young girl, Bessie Chapman, works. Enola notices that something is off about the factory when female workers are suddenly dying from Typhus. But is this disease really the cause? 

In addition to mystery, I enjoyed when the film included some feminist power such as Enola’s jiu jitsu skills or when she fights off the corrupt police – uncommon for a woman in that time period. Throughout the film I was constantly guessing who was the culprit, trying to piece together the puzzle along with Enola. 

As expected, Enola’s favored friend, or even more than a friend, Tewkesberry, and her previous investigative case continues to fall into her life. With brotherly love from Sherlock, affection from her mother, and rising feelings for Twekesberry the movie had a light-hearted feeling as well. 

Enola Homles 2 definitely got me in the mood to read my Nancy Drew books once again while keeping my attention with love interests, secrets, and the fast-paced action.

My favorite aspect of this film was that the story was based off of the true events of the match girls strike led by Sarah Chapman, which was the first industrial action taken by women, for women. These events forever changed the working environment for them at this time, and it is cool to see the story intertwined with history.