Swift sings 13 sleepless nights


Bernell Bello, Editorial Editor

Take a trip down thirteen sleepless nights with Taylor Swift on her newest studio album Midnights. The album consists of thirteen songs from her past when she could not fall asleep, so she did what she does best, write music. 

When listening to the songs, I felt her internal struggles with problems she was going through while writing the songs. Listeners can piece together when each song was written and what kept her up at night. 

Swift’s entire album feels so vulnerable, and truth be told, all of her past songs written in the middle of the night have been, like “The One” and “Lover.” Her lyrics put listeners in her head, in her situation. 

The album starts off with “Lavender Haze” which takes me back to her old albums Reputation and 1989. Like in “Wildest Dreams,” the new beat reminded me of her heart beating. 

Other songs on the album that she had hinted at since the Lover era. The “Karma” spray painted on the wall in the “The Man” music video shows evidence of that. 

Swift’s bridges never disappoint. I felt many of her songs were satisfactory, especially when it came to living up to her standards of the never ending list of beautiful bridges. Her vocals were something familiar yet new all at once. I felt myself really enjoying Swift’s harmonies in her songs. 

I didn’t know what to expect from the highly-anticipated “Snow On The Beach (Feat. Lana Del Ray)”. With Del Ray’s background vocals, the song was so beautiful, with the harmonies and the vocals.  

And an album is not enough for Swift when it comes to spoiling her fans, she also had bonus songs available. My favorites were “Bigger than the sky” and “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.” With the bonus songs, they as well as the tracks felt like songs from her past. 

Songs on the album had three kinds of vibes, the slow, heartbreak songs that had you devastated over someone you never dated. Or the love songs that had you romanticizing the one you haven’t met yet. And lastly, there were the upbeat songs like “Bejeweled,” which have you dancing in the shower to.  

The album is a huge shift in genre – something familiar with Swift as she is not afraid to experiment with her music. Many of her songs seemed both similar to and different from her past albums. 

Swift sings many lyrics that hit home. “I’ll stare directly at the sun, but never in the mirror,” sets the tone of her single “Anti-hero” which feels like something you have been meaning to say but can never get the words right. 

Midnights is an experience worth listening to.