Getting help with college admissions

Aisling Barry, Staff Writer

Every year college acceptance rates go down and high school students’ stress goes up. Applying to college is harder than ever now, and it is no shock that students have started turning to college counselors for help. But is your only chance at getting into the college of your dreams dependent on paying for a college counselor?

There are obvious pros to hiring a college counselor. College counselors give one-on-one advice and can work through the application process with you to make sure everything is done correctly.

“Having someone check all your work and pick safety schools and targets is super helpful,” senior Emma Sweeney said. “I actually know what I’m doing now!”

Private college counselors offer a lot more personalized advice for their clients. They focus more on their client’s individual needs than the Titan Center might. Most counselors charge more than $200 an hour, with a small percentage of counselors charging less.

Are college counselors necessary? “I don’t have a counselor, and I’ve been doing fine without one. I’m doing good academically, and I just don’t feel the need for one,” senior Carmina Martinez said.

Students who want more guidance on applying to college but do not want to spend money on a counselor, have  free alternatives. The Titan Center has lots of resources for those who seek it, including books, pamphlets, and websites like Xello to help narrow down college and major choices..

 The Titan Center also hosts college and career workshops to help with applications and letters of recommendation during homeroom and lunch periods. Check the counseling section on the Poway High website for dates.

Students Remember that you can step into their counselor’s office and ask for advice as well. Whether you are a senior or just a worried junior, they will offer you as much help as they can, because you deserve as much help as you want.

With the stress of admissions as high as it is, even juniors have started hiring college counselors. “It’s very helpful in finding good opportunities that are helpful for college applications,” junior Carolyn Ackerman said. “But I don’t feel more prepared in general.” Ackerman has been seeing a college counselor for a few months to get ready  for her senior year.