Chill out!

Chill Club storms the school.

Aislings Barry , Staff Writer

Fifty people inside and fifty more in line outside, you can hear the commotion of excited students from the main quad, but what is it that has the masses swarming at Mr. McClelland’s door begging for entrance? 

The answer? Chill Club.

Started by president Ned Riddle, this brand new club promotes “being chill.” As the club description reads, “at the Chill Club, every day is all about chillin. We will talk about the best ways to eliminate stress, we will eat provided food, and we will practice the art of mindfulness.”

Riddle is enthusiastic about his cause and promotes it whenever possible. He puts in the effort to drive to restaurants like Chick-Fil-A and Little Caesars to feed his club attendees. “I’m the founder of chill club, and it’s the most proud accomplishment of my life,” Riddle said.

But with a record attendance of 150 people, how chill is Chill Club? The popularity of the club makes Room C-5 pretty crowded, and club officers have started taking up the role of “bouncers” to control the crowds trying to enter.

“It’s not a chill club, it’s a frickin’ mob scene,” club advisor Greg McClelland said with a laugh. “It’s the antithesis of a chill club.”

And yet, despite the noise and the crowd, Chill Club is ultimately pretty chill. It’s a great place to unwind and have fun. “I just like getting to hang out with my friends,” junior Isabella Cambou said. “And the free food.”

If you like chilling, and want to do it with like-minded peers, check out Chill Club. Meetings are announced on the Chill Club Instagram (@chillclubpoway), and take place in McClelland’s room, C-5.