Staff editorial: thumbs up thumbs down for first trimester

Miah Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

With the end of the trimester coming to an end, the Iliad staff takes a look back at things we enjoyed and things we liked and didn’t. 



Music-filled Fridays 

On Fridays, students are welcomed to their classes throughout the day with music. Whether it’s ASB playing beats on the loud speakers at lunch or Rangel and Cortez playing bops during passing periods, it brings smiles to students’ faces. The music choice is subjective, but even if it’s not your taste in music, seeing teachers dance along, or other students singing to it brings a little more happiness on campus. 


Students supporting professional sports teams

With fall season hitting its peak, many professional sports are well into their seasons. As Major League Baseball (MLB) finishes up the World Series, more and more students have been wearing jerseys, a favorite being the Padres. Although not everybody may be in support for the same team, showing support creates a sense of comradery and brings students closer. Let’s hope to see more support as the National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) head further into their seasons.



Green and gray Fridays on spirit weeks

Students at school look forward to the spirit week leading up to homecoming, winter break, or prom. Kudos to ASB for coming up with creative spirit weeks — except for Fridays. We wish spirit week Fridays would continue with the theme. A prime example: Homecoming spirit week. The decade-inspired outfits stopped short just before arguably the best decade, 90s, which would have landed on Friday. We have 25 other Fridays in the school year to rep our green and gray, why can’t we continue our spirit until the end of the week? 


Homework over break

This is a long time controversy, and although many teachers have quit assigning homework over break, it is still a prevalent issue. Breaks are called breaks for a reason: to catch a break from all the business and stress caused by homework. Taking away a student’s cherished family time to complete busywork, or even important projects, is cruel. One may argue that homework keeps brains active. Though this may be true, assigning homework over break may end up having the reverse effect. 


Upstairs Closed for Lunch

The issue is that there are not enough security guards to supervise the upstairs area during lunch time. But why should the rest of the school have to suffer the consequences of a staffing problem? Every available eating spot downstairs seems to be taken seconds after the bell rings, opening up the upstairs area for students to eat during lunchtime would easily give more students space to enjoy their lunch.