Staff Editorial: P-Town wants the “P” back

The “P” that was once at Poway High needs to be put back


Aaron Jaffe

Friday Night Live Club gathers before the “P” was removed.

You walk into Poway High, soon you are welcomed by a large, dark green symbol in front of the library. Six year’s ago, the “P” was painted on the ground, and since then had carried through years of Titans that cherished and respected the phenomena that students could not step on the “P”, or they would have bad luck for the rest of the year.  

The 2023 class is left wondering where the iconic, giant “P” went that used to be in the quad, as they were the last ones to see it before it was removed. In the spring of 2020, the “P” was taken away because of hate speech spray painted across it concerning Principal Nash and another teacher. The damage was too bad to repair, so administrationdecided to get rid of the whole thing. 

This year’s seniors still miss it, and desperately want it back. Current juniors, sophomores, and freshmen did not get to experience Titan Pride the right way. Titans should have to avoid stepping on the “P”, and have fun knowing that Poway has its own tradition that makes it different from the other campuses. Yes, there are many special things that help bring out the Titan Pride, but taking away the “P”that in year’s past helped unify the school  was a big mistake. 

Adding the “P” back seems like a good solution to keeping the Titan Pride alive. Not only will everyone on campus know not to step on it, but they can tell others not to as well and create a fun environment with a game-like atmosphere when challenging others to not step on the “P”. 

Some problems may arise as to how we can put the “P” back so that it can avoid getting damaged again. Principal Nash and other staff have been brainstorming and suggested that the “P” should go above the stairs on the circular wall on the N buildings. 

Although this is a solution, Poway students would enjoy it more if the “P” was put back in the main quad and was as big as it was before it got vandalized, but because of the size and placement, the “P” was in the way of traffic, causing people to take longer and more inconvenient routes to get across the quad. 

There are many solutions to this unfortunate removal of the “P” that would come with great benefits.  An educational and fun way Poway could put the “P” back could involve art students to recreate what once laid in front of the library. This could eliminate cost issues and inspire students to respect the “P” if their peers are the ones who painted it. 

With the overall support of students at Poway High, if vandalism can be eliminated, there is no reason that the “P” cannot be put back in its rightful place and returned to the Titan community.