Go for the books, stay for the people

The library changes up to welcome the new year.


Natasha Phanthavong, News Feature Editor

As the school year settles in with new students and returners alike, the last thing on everyone’s minds is the library, although essential, students remember the library as rows of books and tables cramped in the space, like a classroom. Entering without a second thought, Librarian Lisa Gore and library technician Theresa Bonafede are at the front ready to welcome all Titans into a new library decked in new seating and decorations, set in motion this year.

The library staff aims to create a comforting environment that rejects the normal pin-silent library and replaces it with a social, public workspace, trading out the plain tables for taller tables and floor seats decorated with plants for a cozy upgrade. Bonafede sourced the idea from her son, and she credited the five on his AP test from his studies at the local Starbucks. 

Being at Poway for four years, Bonafede has built a more personal bond with her workspace by displaying small knick knacks of her personality on her desk. Expanding this opportunity for students to connect and relate to the ambiance of the library. “It’s fun to watch the kids discover themself and things about the world around them,” said Bonafede.

In exchange for an office Gore gave up her space to allow for a more secluded room for Titans to get away to focus on important work. Behind the counter, this room can be used at any time if people can ensure they can clean up after themselves before they leave.

With only a year of renovations in place, the library will have more new additions, including rugs and sofas, to be finalized in November. Being funded by the school, the library is waiting to get ahead of themselves 

But through all the changes students can continue to rely on fixtures of the estimation jar. The jar fits the season, at times containing peeps or candy canes, students can take their chance at guessing the closest amount inside, and be rewarded with a sweet prize .

Other activities, like the student run book club are a good way to get yourself involved with the library after school too. Sophomore Regan Meyers runs the club to try and connect with fellow readers with a book of the month. Hoping to fundraise money for more upgrades for the library and gifts like Yetis and bookmarks, exclusive for members only.

“I hope more people can join and now with the new space, I’m so excited to get started with our book, Wilder Girls,” said Meyers.