Poway High’s new songwriting club is reaching for the spotlight


Mandy Edwards

Sophomore Hannah Roby plays live music in the main hallway to promote her songwriting club. Roby wrote and produced her own song last year and wants to meet fellow Titans to create music together.

Hey Titans, interested in exploring your musical talents? If so, you should check out the Songwriting Club, held in sound design teacher Robert Kaechele’s room, N3-105 during lunch on Thursdays.

 Kaechele is the enthusiastic advisor for the club. He came to be the advisor because his equipment is the only one of its kind in San Diego and North County in a high school, and he has a passion for music. 

“Music to me is nothing but fun. It’s exciting. It’s creative. What excites me is to see students who have great musical talents able to pull together, and write songs,” Kaechele said. 

Senior Hannah Roby, who started writing songs in second grade, founded the club. She writes folk-pop songs, uploads them to her Spotify page, and is very proud of her work. She now wants to give people the resources and a place to start their own songwriting careers. 

“I think the people enjoy the songwriting club because it gives people everything they really want, and other people who enjoy writing songs,” Roby said. 

They are learning how to write songs and having a lot of fun doing it. At the start of the meetings, they all get together and Kaechele gives a statement, and then they get down to what they love. Currently, they are going over more basic elements of the craft to get everyone up to speed. They are using state-of-the-art audio equipment to optimize their creations, and it is a super cooperative environment. Members are often seen asking their peers for advice and collaborating to let their creativity loose.

One avid member of the club is senior Ryan Bond, who is hoping that a band could form among members. “I love being around musicians who are excited about playing, and recording, and it’s just a really good environment in there,” Bond said.