Senior squirters


Senior Carter Schoon shoots senior Andy Figueroa at Garden Road Park on Sept. 7. Figueroa lost his first floatie life.

 Squirt! That’s the last noise seniors want to hear. For the last three weeks, 279 seniors have been participating in a game called Senior Assassins outside of school.  

 The non-school-sanctioned game works like this: 

     Seniors opt into a game of strategy, deceit, and the art of stealth to eliminate teams of four to six players. Seniors are randomly assigned a  team each week and are required to shoot with water guns at least three players per week. If the weekly quota of three “kills” per week is not met, a person on the team is  put on a bounty for any team to shoot. The stakes are high, with the grand prize of $3,000 granted to the last team standing. 

But once you’re shot, you aren’t necessarily out! Wearing pool floaties will grant you two lives.  Once you run out of those however, you’re vulnerable to being shot!

Add a paragraph explaining floaties.

The first few weeks have been a blast, and although no teams as of yet have been fully eliminated, teams have definitely been losing their cherished teammates as time has gone on. 

Highlights of Senior Assassins have been plentiful. 

“We’ve had a lot of fun, but a key thing our team has had to remember is that you’re never safe in this game,” senior James Struhs of “401 Sprays” said. 

 Another player, senior Carter Schoon, is currently the top player with the most kills, sitting at 14. “It’s been a blast, and I’m in it to win it,” Schoon said. 

Seniors Cailin Walden and Payton Spratt run the game. “Running senior assassins has been crazy and a lot of drama, but I chose to run it for two reasons. For one, no one else stepped up! But more importantly, I wanted to make sure our class would have a Senior Assassins game this year.” Walden said. 

Seniors look forward to seeing how the game will progress, and to see which team will become the ultimate assassins.